Forensic Services

Forensic Services

With the Firm's well-known integrity and quality, our forensic services aim at helping our clients to achieve the highest level of operational efficiency.

The firm with its vast experience and technical capabilities can assist in conducting

  1. Forensic Services
  2. Fraud Risk Assessment
  3. Forensic Data Analytics
  4. Fraud Awareness Training
  5. Due Diligence
  6. Surprise Audits
  7. Whistle-blower investigations
  8. Fund Tracing
  9. Risk Based Audits

What is Forensic Services?

Forensic services is the examination of documents and the interviewing of people to extract evidence which are acceptable in the court of law. Forensic accounting examines individual or company financial records as an investigative measure that attempts to derive evidence suitable for use in litigations.

Need for Forensic Services:

With the frequent changes in the business environment, each of the business has to undertake some kind of assessment to mitigate the risk. With our expertise in the field of audit, assurance, risk management and forensic services, we will be able to assist our clients with both proactive as well as reactive forensic work steps.

Proactive Forensic service:

As per report to the nation issued by ACFE on an average, about five percentage of the revenue of any organisation is lost on account of fraud. Proactive forensic services are undertaken to identify the risk involved in the business process. These services would help the organisation to identify the control lapse in the process and leakages in the cost / revenue.

Reactive forensic services:

Average time taken for detection of fraud is around 14 months (source: ACFE Report to the Nation). In the event of any mis-happenings, we can assist our clients in identifying root cause for the issue, investigating on whistleblower complaints, fund tracing activity to identify diversion of funds, etc.

Each of the forensic engagement would be a unique engagement and thus the scope and work steps for each engagement may be different.