ROC Compliances


All companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) incorporated in India are required to file certain documents and information with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) on a regular basis. Failure to comply with these ROC filings can result in heavy fines for both the company and its directors.

At Vaithisvaran & co LLP , we offer comprehensive compliance services, including assistance with company and LLP incorporation. Our ROC compliance services include:

  • Annual returns
  • Share allotment
  • Transfer of shares
  • Incorporation of companies/LLPs
  • Half-yearly returns
  • General advisory

Some of the important ROC forms that may need to be filed at various intervals include:

  • INC 20A: Companies incorporated on or after 02/11/2018 with a share capital are required to file 20A.
  • DIR 12: If a director is appointed or resigns from a company, or if there is a change in a director's designation, DIR-12 must be filed.
  • DIR 3 KYC: Every director with a DIN is required to file DIR-3 KYC before 30th September of every financial year.
  • DPT 3: Companies must file DPT-3 to provide information about deposits and outstanding loans or money other than deposits.
  • PAS 3: Whenever a company makes an allotment of shares or securities, it must file a return of allotment in PAS-3 within 30 days of the allotment.
  • AOC 4: AOC-4 is used to file the financial statements for every financial year.
  • MGT 7: MGT-7 is the annual return of the company for every financial year.

For information on ROC compliance due dates, please visit the relevant section of our website.